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Tim, Mike, and Josh welcome back long time friend of the show Rob Spencer to discuss the situation in Venezuela. Economic uncertainty, two people claiming to be the legitimate president – with the west backing one and China and Russia backing the other…it’s a mess. With threats of military intervention, we ask ourselves “should we intervene?” and “what exactly does intervening mean?”. All this is enough to give us a headache. Good thing our second topic is that perennially Canadian topic, privatization of health care. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario (who Tim refers to as “Maple Trump”), wants to open the debate about allowing some privatization or private options in our health care system. While we sharpen our pitchforks and light our torches, we want to hear what you think. Drop us a comment below!

Also Overheard:​

  • Wait your turn, Rob!
  • Josh and Mike agree on something? Surely, this is the end of days.
  • Meth-fueled sex romp? That’s a solid Tuesday for Rob.
  • Mike will have to pick his favourite children.
  • No raise, but you get a pizza party!

Weekly WTF:​


We want to hear what you think!

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