On This Week's Show....​

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Yule, and whatever you celebrate! This episode, we discuss fake trees vs. real trees, and whether or not Christmas has taken on new meaning in the wake of a society that’s increasingly apathetic towards religion. Regardless of how you celebrate, we hope you find occasion to do so!


Also Overheard:​

  • Josh loses all credibility…why would you mix Rye and Lemon Perrier????
  • You don’t just pick up a tree on the side of the highway!
  • Multi-tree house, Mother F@#$er!
  • Duct Tape your ass for Jesus!
  • Calm your tits, it’s Christmas.
  • If Ramen-dan isn’t a Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday, it should be. 

The Weekly TF has the week off....​

 Instead, Tim drunkenly rants about Beauty and the Beast for some reason. Bestiality is STILL illegal, even in 15th century France! 

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