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Tim, Josh, and Mike welcome Matt back to the show to talk about anti-vaxxers. We learned that, apparently, there are people out there who purposely do not vaccinate their children – even if they don’t have a medical reason for not vaccinating! We were as shocked as you must be, reading this. What’s to be done? Later in the episode, we talk about what happens when you receive bad financial advice. Who is at fault? At what point is it ‘buyer beware’ vs. a lawsuit waiting to happen? Enjoy!

Also Overheard:

  • Rachel McAdams 10 Year Old Scotch.
  • Don’t listen to our last bonus.
  • Actually MRC5 is a cultured cell line, which means no, vaccines are not made from aborted fetuses.
  • Essential Oils Are (probably) bullshit. Unless you rub them counter-clockwise.
  • This wasn’t financial advice.
  • People in Mike’s family die out of spite.
  • If you buy a Dodge, you deserve what you get.

Weekly WTF:

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