Pullin’ Out of Toronto

On This Week's Episode....​

2019 is off to a bang – literally. 2018 was the deadliest year on record for Toronto, and Trump is pulling the troops out of Syria. We originally were going to talk about Japan resuming commerical whaling, but Tim got the topics mixed up from the last show, so we wound up swapping topics. We kind of had to keep the intro, because the intro pun was just too fun. Then it went downhill. VERY fast.

Editor’s Note: There’s a lot of swearing and shall we say…off topic humour that may or may not involve necrophilia in this one – especially from Tim. You might want to listen with your headphones...or not at all. We’re so, so sorry.

Also Overheard:​

  •  We’re extremely white people, but not THAT white….
  •  Japan is pulling out of Syria, Trump is getting into the whaling business?
  • The world loses it’s sense of nuance, Tim loses his s#$%.
  • Gunchucks aren’t real. But they should be.
  • At least we didn’t break 100.
  • “It’s rare that I don’t have a lot to say” – Josh
  • Rodolfo Rodriguez was a the victim of horrible racial violence.

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