Oh, Canada…

On This Week's Episode...

Did you all happen to see this news story? Like, was this on your radar at ALL? In case you haven’t (and you don’t feel like clicking this link), here’s a quick recap for you. There are credible allegations that native women have been coerced into forced sterilizations as recent as 2017. We think the saddest part of this story is that we’re angry and outraged by this, but unfortunately not surprised. We normally don’t go off on a three-person rant, but this issue was too big for us not to have raised. Be angry with us, and enjoy this episode…assuming you can.

Also Overheard....

  • That’s Joshua Cletus Beauregard to you, sir!
  • We’re pretty sure Stalk and Barrel owes us an endorsement deal by now.
  • Right now, we’re just 3 white people feeling very shitty about ourselves….
  • Looks like the Feds are on it
  • Learn about Tommy Douglas!
  • Needless to say, Tim isn’t going to Mike’s doctor….
  • No, but I am a professional yodeler!
  • Yes, Lake Titicaca is a real place, Mike.
  • We’re never going to Utah.

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