We here at Two And Change are no stranger to controversy. However, we haven't been cancelled - yet - and hope to remain gainfully employed in the near to medium future. On today's episode, we tackle Gina Carano's recent firing from Disney, and explore the idea of "Cancel Culture". Spoiler - Josh doesn't think it's a thing and Mike's against it. Then, we discuss the STONK market and the seismic shift in power on Wall Street. Now that retail investors seem to have power, what's next?


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Florida Man

Hey, so the Florida Man segment is a little less humorous and a lot darker today - two of the four segments involve domestic violence. I'm omitting the links today so we can share this message with you. According to StatsCan, there were over 99,000 victims of intimate partner violence aged 15 to 89 in Canada in 2018, representing about one-third (30%) of all victims of police-reported violent crime. Almost four-fifths of victims of intimate partner violence were women (79%). If you or someone you know are looking for family violence resources in Canada, check this link out from the government of Canada. Also, consider making a donation to your local societies for the prevention of domestic abuse. 

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