28 Days Later

Two And Change is BACK AT YOU with another episode! In this episode (recorded 23 December 2020) we discuss the new Ontario provincial lockdown, and everyone's favourite topic, Canadian military procurement. Who knew boats were so expensive? Clearly we didn't. Enjoy!


Also Overheard:

- Josh remembers his drink but forgets the topic
- Blame Quebec! It's not even a real country anyway.
- THANKS TRUDEAU. No seriously, thanks.
- Need a bit of help dealing with the lockdown? The Canadian Mental Health Association has great resources.
- Frigate? Mike, watch your language.


Florida Man

Florida Man Charged for Eating Pancakes in the middle of the road
Florida Woman named Cherries Waffles Tennis arrested for making fraudulent purchases at surf shop.
Florida Man sets own truck on fire in order to give the local sheriff’s office “something to do”
Drunk driver arrested after crashing into Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over sign

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